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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 21, 2005

Excellent article about spring by Rob.

There are many traditions that are beautifully dark, and I reckon you can tell whether a tradition is real or not by whether it has a spurious-sounding christian explanation.

Think xmas (celebrating the end of the rise of darkness and thus rebirth) and baptism (human sacrifices to the pagan water gods who dwelt in dark pools)

If it does, it means the tradition was around a long time ago, at a time when the church was still powerful enough to require that a tradition be made acceptible by not being pagan.

So among all the woods springing new and bucks farting, they had fiery orgies, and games, the object of which was terrifying old women (witches) with clacking horse-skulls.

And, more understandably, beating ugly and small people to death with oak sticks to keep the bad spirits away.

Here in the new improved world we've just got luvies sending each other pastel easter cards designed by lame-cocked coke-snorting "do you know who I am"s on a computer.

And stratomarkets stocked with miles of shelves full of those huge shiney boxes that contain smokey-bacon-flavoured creme eggs made in Indonesia from recovered meat® produce.


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