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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 17, 2005


Those younger readers who take an interest in history and have watched relevant programs such as Timewatch and Coronation Street, to find out how people used to live, will find the following comments helpful.

Firstly there were no mobile phones.

Secondly, society was obsessed with something called the class system. There were three classes of people - upper, middle and lower/working. Members of the middle class could be identified by their claims to be members of the upper class. Likewise members of the working class always claimed to be middle class. Members of the upper class just shot you for trespassing. There was an underbelly class of pariahs of course - tramps, actresses, vagrants, and the like.

To get a grip on what it was like, you might compare the old classes with types of people these days:
a) Upper Class - people who work in Television.
b) Middle Class - salesmen and dealers.
c) Lower Class - people who work in credit control and the mobile phone industry.
d) Criminal Class of pariahs - healthcare workers.

Anyway, last night I was watching a program about Bob Geldoff. Personally I never rated him. I thought he was shite. In the golden light of retrospect, I might even say a bit of a one hit wonder. I don't like Mondays either.

Well, they spent a lot of time talking about Paula Yates. At the time I thought she was rubbish as well. In fact she annoyed me with her silly girlyness. I found myself thinking that she actually looked alright last night though. I suppose that is all part of getting old.

I once walked down the Kings Road in Chelsea for at least four hundred yards next to Bob Geldoff. I think he was pissed. He was alone but getting lots of attention. He was loving it. I wanted to blank him but he didn't give me the chance.


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