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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 06, 2005

Blue pope

Perhaps those in St Peters Square should all embrace the cult of the dead, as Catholics do in Mexico. I mean, if we get a South American pope, perhaps it will be compulsory anyway.

I always liked the idea of spending one day a year with the dead. South American culture walks arm in arm with death anyhow. And the Aztecs and Mayans had a very sanguine existence - death was part of life: eating, entertainment, sport, war, religion; they all involved ritual deaths.

Can you picture it: get your picnic out and wheel-out, from her catacomb in the necropolis, Stinky Desiccated Grandma Mummy Man to share the meal with you. Nice... I suppose at least she wouldn't be complaining about mustard grains stuck under her dentures.

Anyway, what I'm really enjoying at the moment are the stupid machinations of the Media, talking about what would make a good pope.

Rob was saying the other day, that historically the pope has always been chosen from among the rank outsiders. And that's how it should be. Mysterious and opaque to us mortal plebs. But the newsfelch talk on television is all as though the media will have a bearing on the selection.

I tell you, if the cardinals are influenced by television and popular opinion I will NEVER become a catholic. I've always admired the element of ritual in Catholicism: and the contradictions. Religion should be removed from secular concerns.

I mean, the catholic church is all that remains of the roman empire. It would be sad if the roman empire were to be finally destroyed, after over two millennia, by modern television with all its incontinence.

PS. And what's all this cow-arse on telly about "surely, he must become John-Paul the great". They use English epithets in the Vatican do they? Not Latin? Or Italian? Or Polish? Or South American? Or even African?



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