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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 18, 2005

Fed up with it

I've been cutting back on alcohol.

I'm not like Rob: ain't no way I could tackle nine things in a to do list at once. I just about cope with one. So I've imposed the following alcohol restrictions on myself:
i) weekdays - wednesday evening every other week a couple of glasses of wine, otherwise abstain;
ii) weekends - on Friday night a few beers are permissible, otherwise abstain.

I've been operating in accordance with this for over a week now. Except this Friday I had four beers. On Saturday morning, though, I was shocking ill with it. I had to have an afternoon sleep.

Think I might just not bother with drinking anymore. It will take something like laudenum to get me into it again after Saturday.

Apart from that, last time I stopped drinking for a month I lost about 15 stones in weight. That can't be bad for zero effort weight loss.

And I heard this morning that our house has sold and that our buyers have sold theirs, so it looks as though we could be moving soon.

That's good and bad.

Good because it means more room, including a whole room just for me, my guitars, and my books, so I will be able to become a total recluse and grow to hate the entire world even more than I already do).

But bad because it will be stressful and involve a lot of DIY. More DIY than I have ever had to tackle before.

There's only one thing I hate more than modern advertising, and that is DIY. (excepting ringtones, mobiles, computers, mp3, young people, the weather, middle aged people, motorists, old people, public transport, shops, umbrellas, TV, The News, CBBC, and the government (current and future)).


  • good luck with not drinking. i've been a non-drinker since september because of some mild anti-depressants i've had to take(for me nairves), but i was beginning to really fear hangovers anyway, so it's ok.

    By Blogger dog, at 5:40 am  

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