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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 11, 2005

Jim Davidson for Prince

I heard Brian Walden talking about Camilla Saxe-Coburg yesterday on the radio. Or is it Windsor? Or is it something else?

You may be wondering what the fuck am I going on about.

I mean of course the way that, now Camilla nee Parker-Bowles is Princess of Wales and may very well be Queen, they've had to invent a new title for her, viz. The Duchess of Cornwall, in order to prevent offending those worshippers at the Temple of Diana.

Now it ain't new to invent name changes - and when you're blowing the hell out of the hun, the surname Windsor is much softer sounding than the teutonic Saxe-Coburg.

But the reason then was one of national importance. It made war look stupid. But you can't just go making things up to please people. It's just wrong.

You see, I don't think it is right to start bending statute and tradition in order to appease the bleeting flocks of Diana worshippers, who are, in their turn, being egged on by Media sheepdogs, into fecking deadsleb hysteria over titles.

Let me tell you that Camilla, being married to the Prince of Wales, is the Princess of Wales. Legally, and constitutionally. Whether she or anyone else likes it or not. One day, car accidents permitting, she will probably be Queen too.

Let's stop pissing about with all this namby-pamby idolatry and homesezual egg-shell avoiding. It's time we called a pope a pope.

The Princess of Wales is dead! Long live the Princess of Wales.


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