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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 24, 2005

More curtains without furniture

In terms of currency in the big conscience payoff that most of us undertake for being Conservatives in all but vote, recycling is top dorrar.

Because my wife has been a Green loony (irony) for some time, we've been recycling for a while now. Since before it became quite so easy.

We're lucky in East Leake. We've got two extended bottle banks that take everything from, er, bottles right through to shoes and clothing.

The only stuff they won't accept is actual rubbish (food and carrier bags) and garden rubbish. The council provide bins for and collect both of those anyway.

However, it always makes me laugh that there are clearly those people whose conscience is shallow enough to be sated before they finish depositing all their recycling. They come in various types. You can detect them by the tracks they leave behind.

a) Those who, having brought their recycling in carrier bags, decide just to drop the emptied bags on the floor for the wind to collect.

b) Those who are too important to empty their bags and just leave them full of recyclable materials in front of the bins (Let me add that I can't remember the bins EVER being so full that you couldn't put objects into them). Useful potential employment, though, for the criminal classes, as I'm sure you'll agree (irony).

c) Those who, having gone to all the trouble of recycling stuff in the first place, think that they are owed a little bit of indiscretion on credit, and since nobody is looking it's fine to dump, say, six bin liners of grass cuttings on the floor near the recycling bins.

Who do these people think they are? Why would anyone bother to scrub their arse clean with emery paper but still shit on the living room carpet?

Remember, there's nobody so selfish as the middle-income monkey within snatching reach of something, who thinks nobody is looking.


  • Since I spent most of yesterday down the bottlebank clearing out my car, I had time to observe.

    All law abiding citizens until a black BMW convertible screetched up to the bottlebank.

    The guy jumped out (over the side of his car). Shoved three flattened cardboard boxes down the side of the the bin for paper and card rather than inside it.

    Then he dropped three bin liners of (I assume rubbish) next to the same bin.

    Then he jumped back in his car and screeched out of the "in only" car park entrance.

    Maybe the bags contain used body parts.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 7:39 am  

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