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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 20, 2005

No parachutes will be issued

Rob's post below just made me chuckle.

As well as being funny it is absoutely spot on.

I well remember a job I had at British Telecom in the eighties. There were two teams sharing an open plan office. There were two "EOs" in the office. Let me tell you, if you don't already know, that in the English Civil Service hierarchy an EO is roughly equivalent to a corporal in the army. Basically two up from canon fodder.

But, remember that at the time British Telecom was a business, not an invasion force.

Being a lowly CA (canon fodder) I asked the EO on the other team a question. That was my error. And his response... through his teeth, in front of the entire office, he growled, "it is not your place to speak directly to me. If you wish to address me with a question you should escalate it through your own EO who will then address the question to me".

And yes, that is as stuck up and preposterous as it sounds. I couldn't beleive it. It still sticks in my mind as the worst example of auto-sodomy that I ever came across in a place of work.

And then, at Boots in the early nineties, I asked why there were no chairs in the factory where I worked, even though several processes involved standing still, monitoring a chemical reaction for upwards of an hour. The answer: "they don't provide chairs because that would encourage laziness in the workers."

I jest not.


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