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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 17, 2005

Not below the radar

Just in case you should still harbour doubts that there is something fundamentally fucked with the climate, I offer the following observation.

Andy spotted a flock of waxwings in Nottingham yesterday.

I know we've been getting frosts overnight and we're only two weeks away from Summertime, but a quick glance in a book about birds reveals the following information about waxwings.

i) They are a winter visitor to the UK.
ii) It is estimated that several hundred appear in the UK in an average winter.
iii) In winters where Scandinavia experiences extremely harsh weather they may become temporarily more abundant in the UK.

So lets apply the numbers to the equation. Two weeks from summer we are seeing flocks of birds in the UK normally associated with extreme winters in Scandinavia.

Birds don't normally tow the party line or act in the interests of the global economy. Likewise they don't wait for scientific evidence to confirm what's going on.

Go figure. As they say in the ghetto.


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