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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 11, 2005

Watch out you'll set your pants alight!

Tiger tiger burning bright?

Not that I am in any way qualified to talk about Apple computers, so these comments are a bit Def...

But my son has upgraded to Tiger. He loves it! Dashboard, widgets etc etc etc. He thinks its the dog's.

Rob's already given these features a resounding "But why", as you know. And I must admit that my own layman's impression from seeing it for 5 minutes was, "why are they trying to put Windows 98 Active Destop on OS X?"

Active Desktop was, and forever shall be, witches piss. Send it back into the 18-year-old coke-snorting geek internet-wanker no-lifer's imagination that it came from.


  • Tiger is now officially pissing me the hell off. I've got Tiger rage.

    Apart from the wanky widgets and the show-offy but useless Spotlight and other eye candy, things I love now take longer to launch.

    I get thge spinning beach ball of death every time I launch TextEdit - TextEdit! - which was my word processor of choice because it's a lean mean processin' machine. Except now it's not. Now it's got extra features.

    And what's with the screenshot feature? It used to save TIFFs, and that was rubbish; then it saved PDFs, also pretty rubbish if you wanted to email someone a nice compact JPEG. Now it's PNG. Make your bloody mind up, Apple! PNG is of no use to man or beast. PN bloody G? You fucking arsewanks.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 3:16 am  

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