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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

June 08, 2005

Bicycle Repair Man

I'm not really a gadget-aspiring sort of fellow: however, I've just treated myself to a splendid JoeBlow Sport Pump.

Great for bikes, but also it has a meter on it so it's a nice easy way to check my car tyres (and give them an extra pump if necessary) without having to go to the trouble and confusion of using the expensive air pump at a garage.

Interestingly I checked my wife's car tyres on Sunday using one of these belonging to my brother. The front driver's side was at half pressure. That's low enough to constitute a driving offence. The other three weren't good either.

I suspect that my tyres are also as flat as Johnnie Vegas's arse cheeks when he's sitting down.

And my son's bike has a tyre with a dodgy valve so you have to pump like the devil. It's painful work with a standard bike pump but this should work a treat.

Hopefully it'll also earn its keep when it comes to inflating small mammals.

The image above is not rendered "actual size". It shows the device scaled down to one twentieth of its actual size.


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