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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

June 14, 2005


We're usually out on a Monday night, but last night we stayed in and watched a television program called something like The World's Nuttiest Police Videos.

You'll perhaps know from the RoadRage blog that I secretly fantasize about being a traffic policeman and righteously busting everyone who performs even a trivial road traffic offense.

At first the program made me feel good. The policeman was driving an unmarked car, and as a result he was on the receiving end of all the selfish behaviour in other road users that we, as ordinary powerless road users, see on every journey by car. And then he was busting those angry and selfish road users. Pop pop pop.

It was a thing of beauty to see a snarling red-faced testosterone-boiling idiot transformed into a wimpering coward when faced with the driver-documentation producer and the realisation that they had been made to look stupid on national television.

But then I started to see that most reactions to the police were, to my mind, outrageous: children arguing with the policeman (a nine-year-old said, "I'm not going to tell you my name because I don't like talking to policemen").

And when the policeman spoke to her parents they were equally arsey; "so what? What are you saying?"

There was even a businessman who was caught speeding, tailgating, etc etc - you know the type - and he had the audacity to argue with the policeman that he had the right to drive faster than the speed limit. I needn't go on.

You might think this post belongs on the Roadrage Blog. I decided otherwise, because this isn't just about cars, and motorists' selfishness and hormones. It's about attitudes in general.

The way people argue about everything and snatch anything they want is indicative of a total lack of respect, not just for authority, but for other people in general.

If I'd been caught speeding and then "lipped" the policeman I would expect points on my license, a fine, and a day down the nick. And that's how it should be.

Why? I think that it comes down to there being no empathy anymore. Nobody puts themselves in the other man's shoes. Individuals behave as though they are the only human being and treat everyone else as mere objects, hollow automatons, to be used or ignored depending on their utility.

How like a God? Maybe. But this is existential solipsism. And that is precisely what is wrong with selfishness. It denies humanity.

Sometimes I feel so angry about it that I think most members of our society need to be taught empathy: they need the shit booting out of their selfish arses until they understand pain and acknowledge the pain in others: do unto others is the maxim: they need to think about their actions instead of letting their animal hypothalamus dictate their behaviour.

Until then I don't want to be a member of that sort of monkey society. Call me a filthy lesbian hippy, but I don't want to be that ugly, selfish, contemptible, or that lonely. Access denied.


  • I read the other day that the main
    difference between us and the animals is compassion.

    It would be appear we're claiming that back for our own survival.

    By Blogger Andrew, at 5:00 am  

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