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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

November 30, 2005


Hmmm. Since I got hold of Protools I've been having a review block.

There are two problems: wires, and time on a computer.

I probably get around 30 minutes a day of time at home that doesn't belong to other people. Sometimes it's less, sometimes more. So if it takes 15 minutes to cable up, and 15 minutes to cable down the window of opportunity is lost.

And when there are computers in the house there is already a battle between the three children as to who is getting the next turn. It's just not worth the aggro.

Just to recap. I've had a tinker with a couple of flanger peddles which I need to write up, I've also been mucking about at using amp modellers as preamps, and hooking up boosts, tube overdrives, and compressors in front of them.

This latter approach has the great effect of giving you a range of distortions without the sound changing: effectively a 4 channel amp...

clean, boost, overdrive, & overdrive+boost. Combine that with the guitars controls and your into a very fluid sort of place.

One of my friends has a birthday this weekend and the plan is that we do a cover of a couple of songs before everyone gets lashed up (I've got to leave early so no fear of kit getting stolen/broken). So far we're talking these few:
a) Badge - Cream
b) Go with the flow - Queens of the Stone Age
c) Breed - Nirvana

Managed all of these just using the VOX AC30 model on the Toneworks with the above pedal combination. We're not exactly talking nu-metal or anything but it's surprising what you can get away with without a billion pedals.

On a further note I've recently been listening to The Kinks. I was shocked to discover that the song Everybody's gonna be happy is by them (I thought it was QUOTSA), and even more so, Victoria, which it never crossed my mind otherwise than to assume was by The Fall.

I feel daft as a child who thinks the current spray of puppet bands actually write the songs they perform on TOTPs upskirt action vids today.


** Confused readers will be pleased to note that I posted this on the wrong blog.


  • Hmm as I started to read this I thought shurely shome mishtake?

    By Blogger rashbre, at 2:06 am  

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