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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 14, 2005

Badgers, cows, and tuberculosis

I see that we're about to succumb to a TB epidemic. Apparently it's carried by cows and badgers.

The government are looking into culling said cows and badgers. Some farms have already been closed down because all the cows were carrying TB.

Curiously where badger culls had taken place the preliminary evidence seemed to suggest that there was even more TB. Maybe badgers soak up the surplus TB that would otherwise infect us monkeymen.

I wouldn't have thought they'd need to cull them. The fecking things are suicidal if the number of roadkill badgers round our way is anything to go by.

Still, TB? I suppose it arouses a certain amount of nostalgia for Victorian Times. You could pretend to be a consumptive poet like Pete Doherty.


  • Ah, brilliant picture.

    Two things. Sometimes, they're not actually roadkill. They've been killed elsewhere (by baiters) and then left at the side of the road as simulated roadkill.

    And, in unrelated black and white mammalian news, on the house of tiny tearaways last night, Dr Tanya brought a skunk into the garden to entice a little girl who is scared of animals. A skunk. They were stroking it. I kept waiting for the little girl to scream and cause the skunk, to, you know, spray.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 3:44 am  

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