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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 07, 2005

More man's talk about motors

Except I don't know nuffing about cars so it isn't exactly like reading a copy of Nuts or Stones or Bollocks magazine.

You'll remember that I had to have my windscreen replaced after it developed a 7 inch crack.

They did it on Sunday. Didn't take long. I was happy.

This morning it was very frosty and I needed to de-ice my windows. That's what is great about having a heated windscreen. You can convert unsustainable resources like petrol into de-iced windows and yellow-grey clouds.

Imagine my utter dismay and depression however when I discovered that the heating on my windscreen only works on one side (the driver's side). Utterly useless.

Is there anything that other people do for you that doesn't go pointlessly wrong?


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