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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 19, 2005

Mostly listening to...

a) & b) Bill Frisell - East West - unlike the other Bill Frisell CD I have, this double live recording actually features him playing guitar (yes, he's a guitarist). Once more some of the material comes painfully close to what they pipe out in lifts. But there are a few diamonds in the matrix: a version of Patsy Cline's crazy played as an instrumental - the melody is played on an acoustic slide guitar (think Paris Texas sound) but the backing seems to be played on old chinese string instruments and chimes. It's exotic and charming.

c) Various - These ghoulish things - I suspect this compilation was put together in a clever marketing scam at halloween (trick or treat day) to scratch some more royalties from the bottom of the barrel of long dead recordings. It's a collection of 50s rock 'n' roll and ballads with references to those horror-genre b-movies. It's got Monster Mash, and the theme tunes to The Adamms Family, and the Munsters. But there are over 20 other songs, all very much in-keeping with the theme and genre. Why was this so prolific? You wouldn't think that there would be a market for all those bands to go round singing about zombies and vampires. Fear of communists? Making those squares see just how crazy you are? I dunno.

d) Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido - I'd not listened to this since the late 70s but it was all instantly familiar - "down through the night", "time we left this world today". I almost felt 14 again.

e) Nickel Creek - Why should the fire die - I expected a lot from this and was disappointed. Chris Thile seems like a virtuoso Mando player even if he does remind me of Quentin Tarentino with a Clint Eastwood syrup on, and this is bluegrass for the naughties. I've even seen it amongst the entries of people's top albums for 2005. As I said in the other place, this is Green Day crossed with River Dance. It has all the full-blooded cock-throbbing vitality of vegetarian bacon. Thanks for trying.

f) Hawkwind - In search of space - This is still as good as stoner rock gets. Who needs QOTSA when you can have Lemmie doing bass chords, saxophones parping like dog farts, mesmerising three chord riffs that take you back to the dreamtime in the womb and, as Patrische so rightly reminded me, Stacia dancing on stage with her tops off. Blimey! Where did I leave those purple hearts? And this version has Silver Machine as one of the new fangled bonus tracks.


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