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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 09, 2005

On TV last night

Thursday on BBC1 is a bit of a comedy night at the moment. Usually light and humerous enough even to encourage my wife to fall asleep on the sofa (rather than in bed).

There were a few other things I watched too.

First is the unsung new Walking with (dinosaurs) production. It's been very low profile. I've seen no trailers for it. Maybe everyone is bored with prehistory now. This one's called Walking with Monsters and covers the very large period of time after the appearance of life on earth, but before the dinosaurs.

I've got the DVD for the whole three part series, and I've already seen them all. I like the monster insects one best (which will be aired next week). I loved the huge dragonflies, but the 3 meter centipede is more hideous than any dinosaur.

My wife complained (as have many boffins) that it is, actually, fiction presented as fact, and that there is something unethical about that. She's right of course, but I still like it.

It's a sobering thought that our ancestors spent something like 7 times as long as fish and newts as they have even as mammals. In fact, on the scale of evolution, apes are just the latest bugfix in the history of computing and sapient man himself is just a quick warm reboot.

The other thing I watched was a programme about the man who shot John Lennon, marking the 25th anniversary of his (Lennon's) death.

I'll repeat the statement that I can't believe it was 25 years ago. It genuinely feels recent.

My wife said it was in poor taste and pandering to this clearly psychotic man's ego to run the programme. Almost giving him the place in history that he wanted and for which he perpetrated the crime.

I wasn't so sure. I remember at the time thinking, "why?" The programme went to some lengths to illustrate a long term narcissism in Mark Chapman that grew and grew until he killed Lennon. That provided an answer to the question.

It also showed that in spite of what Chapman claims and his new found christianity he is in fact deeply unrepentant and still suffering the same psychological disability even now.

It makes you wonder how many potential murderers we pass whenever we walk down the street. Probably thousands of them. I might even be one of them myself.


  • I watched the Chapman programme, too, though I didn't intend to. There was nothing partic. new in it for me, because a lot of this analysis was in the press quite soon after the event. I seem to remember some long article in the NME.

    Knew all abot the born-again christian phase, the catcher in the rye business, the thinking-he-was-jesus stuff. I remember more was made at the time about Lennon's return to the public eye as a kind of trigger for Chapman's end game. Something about him reading interviews with him and being enraged at him contradicting himself,based on earlier interviews (as in the "One Day at a Time" book). But maybe that theory has been discounted now.

    Anyway, I agree that it's probably quite common. In fact, I'm certain that that kind of narcissism is extremely common. 20-something blokes who think-they-are-jesus are crawling out of the walls. I don't exempt myself when I was that age, either.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 6:23 am  

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