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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 22, 2005

What I've mostly been listening to...

a) & b) Hawkwind - Space Ritual. 3 more old favourites (Born to go, Space is deep, Orgone accumulator). You already know the rest. Double live CD from about 1972.

c) Elvis Presley - Elvis at sun - This has the early stuff (that's alright mamma, blue moon of kentucky, and mystery train). I love some of this stuff. I love Scotty Moore's rockerbilly take on the riffs: syncopated arpeggios on dominant 7th chords if you must know. What is shocking is how many of these songs don't sound like Elvis: there are a number of balads that are very un-rock-n-roll, and on a number of occasions his voice is very feminine sounding.

d) Alice Cooper - Killer - I played this to death when I was 13 so buying this was a bit of a nostalgia trip. Alice Cooper has quite an irritating and whiney voice at times. But there are some great songs: "under my wheels" is fun.

At the school I went to they had an annual concert thing where we mimed to a song (just like Top of The Pops). One year I did Alice Cooper: spitting fake blood and all sorts of stuff. I had long hair then too, and had the pleasure of walking around school all day wearing eye-liner. Actually it gave me one of my 15 seconds of fame in that little fishypool. We were probably quite punky actually, which would have fitted in with the times.

Listening to one of the tracks last night proved to be a bit surprising. The track "dead babies" came across as just quite tasteless, whereas we though it was quite cool and shocking at the time.

e) & f) Various - Shake Rattle 'n' Roll - a 50 track double CD compilation of hits from the 1950s. The odd thing about this is that every track is instantly recogniseable and capable of being described as a bit of a classic.

Enormously embarassing driving around with this sort of stuff playing. Lots of stuff on it that I wouldn't normally have bothered with. At last I have a recording of Johnny B Goode by Chuck Berry.

Highlight for me is Little Richard. Boy could he belt them out. Nobody like him since.


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