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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 11, 2006

Mostly listening to... #62

a) Stooges again (same one as last time)

b) Nine inch nails - The Downward Spiral - Double CD deluxe edition: Deluxe editions eh? There used to be a reason for discarding the tracks that now go on the deluxe edition second bonus CD and for which you pay an extra £9 (back catalogue CDs are £4 but deluxe versions of them are £13). I got hold of this because it was listed as one of the all time top 50 heavy metal albums and at the time I was thinking that I ought to listen to some heavy metal. Didn't seem very metallic to me though: more to do with sound textures. It was alright if a bit dodgy on the car stereo when taking the kids to school. Yeah, not that bad.

c) New Order - Waiting for the siren's call - Ok I suppose. Not really exactly My Thing, and I tend to go for Ash when I want some disposable faux-Indie pop. Very well made and produced. Some of the lyrics seemed a bit off-the-cuff, but then you don't expect Mars Bars to come wrapped in goldleaf, do you?

d) Pixies - Doolittle - a treat and a rest for my lug 'oles.

Just been out of the office and heard the most unearthly low rumble that lasted about 40 seconds. Came from the North. As my mate Neil said, "just for a second it was armageddon-ish." We had to stop and look, and I half expected a giant cloud or something to come over the horizon. Weird.

e) Mark Knopfler - Shangri La - When this first came on my wife was in the car. She said, "what the fucking hell is this? It sounds awful. It sounds like Dire Straits." But, while right on the last count, she missed the point. You see, mr Knopfler has reached a certain age, and he has all the T-shirts, so he can sit down, tinker with his guitar until it makes a pretty sound, and play a Country tune if he wants. The only snag is that you're expecting any second that you'll wake up and discover that you're really listening to Jimmy Nail singing Crocodile Shoes while accompanied by Chas n Dave. Still, Mark Knopfler is unquestionable one of the best guitar slingers around.


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