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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 20, 2006

Mostly listening to... #64

a) Iggy again - contractual obligations, you understand.

b) Mars Volta - De Loused in the Comatorium - crazy, zippy, post-nu-punk. As you know, I'm a luddite when it comes to technology. Actually, no, I'm worse than that: I'm anti-techno. But this album gives me hope that modern technology isn't just an excuse to make music that is created with mind numbing stupidity and lack of taste. The first two tracks together are inspirational. I hear that they are crazy live, to the point of being crap.

c) Troy Donockley & Dave Bainbridge - From Silence - weirdy new age stuff. No discernable beat. Lots of world instruments. The sort of thing that you might get prescribed if you self-harm. They pipe this stuff out at Sea World. It's probably very calming and therefore very appropriate in the car.

d) ZZ Top - Deguello - from the sound of it this captures a freeze frame of them somewhere right between 70s Texas Boogie Shufflers, and Slick 80s Bearded Phenomena. The thing about ZZ Top is that they were either brilliant or inexplicably shite, with little in between. Interesting.

e) David Lindley - Live Bootleg 1981 - Patrische recommended this to me. I'd never heard of the fellow. Some very excellent guitar playing. The music? Somewhere, if there is such a place, between Talking Heads, Reggae, and Calypso, with some occasional Celtic Folk popping it's head through the wall to say hello and check us out. Some of the most precise and musical slide guitar playing I've ever heard (and it was live! What a guy!)

f) BB KING - Live at the Regal - BB with a friendly audience. Of all the Blues recordings I have, this is the most "show" like. He's got the brass section behind him and the fully anonymous professional backline. It definately feels more like En'ertainment than rock 'n' roll. Some nice guitar playing though, with some jazzy licks thrown in.


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