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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 25, 2006

Mostly listening to... #65

...not a lot actually.

a) John Williams - Ultimate Guitar Collection - a double CD of mostly classical guitar stuff. Dear dear Johnny. Do you remember Sky? My uncle bought me a triple album of theirs for xmas a long time ago. I could never bring myself to listen to it. I mean, the audacity of suited media-luvvy classical musicians making like a rock band. It was just too uncool.

But actually John Williams can play a nice guitar. I recognised maybe a third of the pieces on here. Unlike many classical or acoustic recordings, it worked well in the car. Good stuff. I will listen to it again.

b) Motorhead - Overkill - You can't imagine the effect this had on my peers when it came out. It was metal turned up to 12 and played at double-speed. Of course, compared to what came after it is only plain old rock and roll. Still, those double bass drums don't 'arf bring back some memories.

c) Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin (I) - I played the first four Led Zeppelin albums to death a long long time ago. So much so that I think I can hear them in my head well enough not to have to listen to them again. You know, when I listen to this stuff I realise that the great thing about Led Zeppelin was Jimmy Page as a producer. He has an unearthy knack for getting sounds that make you think "how dey do dat?"

d)Dallas Simpson - For Alderney - Patrische lent me this. At first I thought the CD was broken. However, when I turned the car stereo up to full I could hear some clicking noises. After a minute or so, I skipped to track 2. More noises. Hmmm. Skipped to another CD... Patrische tells me he put this under my nose for purposes of "mind fuckery". I'll give it a go through headphones sometime.


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