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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 05, 2006

Mostly listening to this time...

Here's what's been in my car over Saturnalia

1) Beach Boys - Very Best Of - There is a certain cleverness about it all, but the thing about the Beach Boys is that it leaves me with an overwhelming sense of lost opportunity for mankind in general. We've talked about it before, in relation to the film Grease: the idea that you're young and almost dizzy with the feeling that the-world-is-your-oyster, but really the fact is that we're doomed to drudgery even before we start making life choices. Mediocrity is like original sin: you're born with it, and nomatter how fancifully you hide it, it will get you in the end. There is no surfing USA, and no, it wouldn't be nice if we were older.

2) Black Label Society - Kings of Damnation. Double CD compilation by Ozzy Osbourne's Guitarist's side-project band. Zakk Wylde yclept. I liked some of it. It's a curious mix. Some tracks containing the most bewilderingly fluent acoustic guitar playing I've ever heard, through Southern Rock (like Lynyrd Skynyrd), right up to that sort of demented demon NU metal sound. The second CD includes covers. One was a dreadful version of a Beatles song. The vocals were horrible.

3) Iggy and the Stooges - Fun House - I've got to learn the first 4 songs for this covers band that I've sort of got involved in. TV Eye and Dirt are focking excellent. If I had one of those new fangled iPods these tracks would now be on it.

4) Mudhoney - Superfuzz (Bigmuff) - You can hear what Nirvana were trying to do in this, and why Cobain felt guilty. In spite of his fame he still couldn't do Mudhoney as well as they did it themselves.

5) Born in the USA Vol2 - Freebie with Mojo magazine. I have a couple of the tracks on this already. Surprisingly enjoyable. I'm not sure what the common thread is other than that the artists are American, which criteria probably would include 90% of music recorded. Even my wife liked some of the songs, which was nice.


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