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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 26, 2006

MRSA coming to your home soon

What with all the epidemics of bird flu and chlamidia that are shuffling around anyone would be forgiven for wanting to look after their own.

It's in this climate then that a new breed of cleaning products is being hyped at the moment. New and improved with ANTI-BACTERIAL AGENTS. Kills all known bacteria, DEAD.

Great stuff eh? Now your loved ones can sleep soundly, safe from flu and STDs.

Except that many bacteria are good. They help us. And we actually used to be pretty good at getting rid of bad bacteria through our own means without the help of Useful Products. Now that we don't need immunity from bacteria our bodies are free to impose violent allergic reactions to peanuts and kiwi-fruit instead.

And consider this. Most nurses choose their vocation in spite of getting piss-poor pay, working very unsociable hours, being expected to know nearly as much as the doctors (with a small "d"), having the threat of litigation constantly hanging over them, and having a crap social status.

And we know that bacteria are pretty good at turning their immunity towards anti-bacterial agents.

So, given all of the above, do you think that MRSA in hospitals is caused by nurses sitting on their fat arses all day, too lazy to wash their hands or clean surfaces? Or might it be because they've cleaned too much with ANTI-BACTERIAL AGENTS?

I know which I think most likely.

Rob is right not to clean his kitchen.


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