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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 03, 2006

Resolutions of this brave new year

Several of them actually...

a) To be less fat and more like I used to be before I was 32 years old. It goes better with playing the guitar like the very devil.

b) To drink less alcohol. This is related to a) and c).

c) To be richer. We've issued several more cease and desists to terminate various phone and modern technology contracts which are costing something in the order of £200 a month for shitty "entertainment".

d) To control our finances. My wife has been doing this for many years now and she's had enough. I used to do it but gave up because there were seeming outgoings that I knew nothing about (Visa and Monsoon store cards for example). I started this yesterday and immediately discovered that what with past remortgages and lost endowments we're over £30k short on life assurance cover for our current mortgage. Not that I intend to snuff it just yet.

e) To eat fewer chip dinners (this in turn will contribute something of the order of £100 a week to the funds).

One big lovely virtuous spiral, no?


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