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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 11, 2006

Student food

Another Rob was just telling me how he'd lived on Super Noodles and toast for a week.

That put me in mind of my own equivalent. Spaghetti (not tinned and therefore sauceless) and fishfingers. I remember having to use lots of salt in an attempt to make the spaghetti taste of something.

But it reminds me of a great story I heard from a guitar player called Jez in the 80s. His band used to go on a self-funding holiday to France each summer: they'd play local bars and use the cash they got paid for food, petrol, and so on.

Except, one year, it didn't go very well and they found themselves skint. Necessity gave them a brilliant opportunity though. They realised that the local supermarket had daily deliveries in the early hours that were left, unattended, on crates round the back ready for the shop's staff whenever they arrived a bit later in the morning.

They cased the job out for a couple of days, and planned a sort of smash and grab ram raid, which, on the day, all went amazingly well. They got away undetected with two boxes of food and made off into the sunrise.

Imagine their delight though when, having withdrawn to a safe distance, they opened the boxes and found that both of them contained melting choc ices.


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