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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 12, 2006

Techno techno techno

It's a funny thing: most of my friends have backgrounds (they were once futures) in fine art or some sort of creative thing (glasswork, sculpting and so on). And of the rest of them, none of them took science or business related degrees.

So I vividly remember a time when they scoffed at me for having internet access, a mobile phone, and email. Not that I was ever a gadget nerd, or shoving these things into their faces. They just didn't like all that synthetic virtual stuff.

It's come full circle, though. They now rave about the latest phone functions, can't survive without their email, and get all the latest product information off the internet at the click of a mouse.

The sad thing is that they were right in the first place. I just got involved in it by accident, wage-slaving, and whoring. I can see the poverty in technology: the pointlessness. So, I now know less about these nasty consumer technologies than my luddite mates.

But even these people, hardly over the first thrill of computing, are starting to notice all is not quite perfect in the amaranthine** beauty of modern technology.

My friend John says it's annoying how useful web sites mysteriously turn into search engines that don't really offer you anything other than links to other sites that offer to sell you something, but, actually, if you follow through they fail to deliver on the promise anyway.

It seems like in the wake of Google's unearthly financial success there is a surfeit of me-too search-engine startups. You can imagine the venture capitalists throwing money at silicon valley hopefuls so they can buy up all those hit generating web sites and replace them with search engines.

But what we end up with is a list of lists of things that suppliers can't supply, because they're the things that are most searched for and generate the most hits. And high rates of hits is what justifies their existance. I link therefore I am.

** That was ironic Parkie, lest I need to say.


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