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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 06, 2006

Thanz then for that to the Music Publishing Association

Yes a big thanz for tryin' to the MPA for getting all the tab sites removed from the Internet and threatening prison sentences.

I tried to find the sheet music for Dirt by Iggy Pop.

Here's what I found. Just in case you can't read that, I quote, "Permanently Out of Stock. We do not expect this item to ever be in stock again, and cannot provide a timeframe for when or if this might happen."

No arguing with that!

** PS - in case you're feeling a bit bewildered and thinking "what the feck is Simon banging on about", I posted to the wrong blog in reference to this post. In case you're wondering a "tab" is a shorthand way of writing out how to play a song on the guitar. Recently the MPA in the US stated its intent to pursue anyone posting tabs of songs on the internet with litigation, so now you have to buy the sheet music.

Which is only much cop if a) you can read music, and b) you only want to play songs from albums in the top 10 or old standards.


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