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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 16, 2006

Wet and cold

This morning while I was in the bathroom I spent my usual first moments of consciousness for the day considering topics about which I might be gloomy.

I thought of something that I'd never considered before. The water supply. Just imagine what it will be like when social collapse happens in 30 years time when the water supply stops too: there will be nobody working for the water companies anymore.

Now there aren't that many wells left as most have them have been filled up with the bodies of small but over-curious children. There's a stream through our village. I wouldn't chance it downstream as I've had to report it three times to Severn Trent who've confirmed that samples contained raw sewage. Nothing lives in it, so I'd take that as a warning.

Upstream of the road bridge it's a bit better. At least it is clear and doesn't smell and you get the occasional duck or small fish moving around.

But what do you do? How to clean it? I guess you'd filter it through some muslin or something and give it a good boil first. But is that really safe? I dunno.

Anyway, I said that I was going to be positive this week, and to that end I'd like to get to the point: It's really great that we have lots of fresh clean water in the taps.


  • Although it tastes funny upstairs in the office, so I always make my tea downstairs.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 2:43 am  

  • Mr B is probably breeding dead pidgeons in the tank as a side project.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 3:10 am  

  • A big thank you to James who is a naturist for supplying a good answer here...

    The only real way to make it safe is boil it and then some. The over precautious would then add iodine, but iodine alone won’t kill all the harmful little things that’ll give you the shits. Charcoal pump filters are quite good, but aren’t ideal long term as the amount of work they take to get a little clean water is probably only useful in a survival situation.

    Non of these things will stop all the nitrates and other chemical rubbish from entering your gut, but I presume water from the tap is full of that crap anyway. And Like Si points out the further upstream the better, and go for the fast flowing stuff as well just to be on the safe side.

    …do I have to mention not to piss near the stream?

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 3:39 am  

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