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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 26, 2006

Dobbed by Rafael

He did it to me.

Here's my magnificent seven...

Seven things to do before I die.

1. Restore the once classical sylph-like look of my body to its former state
2. Make sure my kids are heading in the right direction
3. See the aurora on a clear night
4. Finish reading all the books I've bought
3. Improvise fluently on the guitar in the style of Django Reinhardt.
4. See a Large Blue butterfly flying in the English Countryside.
5. Shake hands with Jimmy Page
6. See QOTSA play live
7. See a living orange-spotted emerald dragonfly

Seven things I cannot do.

1. Meet the poet Lord Byron
2. See Led Zeppelin play live in the early 70s
3. Understand how it is that we are conscious
4. Tell my dad that I miss him
5. Be one of the Apollo programme astronauts
6. See what the world really looked like during the Jurassic period
7. Save humanity from its own avarice

Seven things that attract me to ... women

1. a cheeky sense of humour towards me
2. sharp wits and broad knowledge
3. some musical ability
4. a hunger for doing something with their lives
5. an hypnotic stare
6. a twinkle in the eye
7. shucks, a perty ass

Seven things I say (too much).

1. essentially
2. Fuckin' Ada!
3. innit
4. mostly listening to
5. stick-beating chimps
6. please
7. excellent

Seven books that I love.

1. Jacob's Room - Virginia Woolf
2. Tender is the night - F. Scott-Fitzgerald
3. Collected Poems - Rupert Brooke
4. The Tempest - Shakespeare
5. current Loeb translation of the poems of Catullus
6. Under The Volcano - Malcolm Lowry
7. Ulysses - James Joyce (honest)

Seven movies that I’ve loved.

1. The Tin Drum
2. Orlando
3. Blue Velvet
4. Once Upon a Time in the West
5. The Red Violin
6. Wild at Heart (so easy to relate to!)
7. Blithe Spirit (1944 version)

Seven people to tag.

Look back up the chain, folks.


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