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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

September 01, 2003

Vanilla Pokey

As you know, I'm no great fan of Pokey Pola, but the new Diet Vanilla Pokey flavour has been a big hit with me, offering its combination of low-cal caffeine and cream soda flavour. I've been buying it regularly at the shop down the road from work at lunchtime. Except on days when I go to the fish and chip shop, when I have ginger beer.
Ginger beer is the king of fizzy drinks.
But I fear the local shop is having cash flow problems, because there is currently a shortage of Diet Vanilla Pokey, and has been since the bank holiday. They often stock Pokey that seems to have come from former Eastern Bloc countries like Slovakia or Slovenia; and they do odd chocolate. Like imitation Mars bars which aren't: slightly smaller but similar style.
First they ran out of the bottles; now they've run out of cans. Today I was forced to choose between full-fat Vanilla Pokey and something else, like fizzy water.
I note that PepsiCo have got their own Vanilla Pokey coming out. I can't wait. But if the Coca Cola Company came out with shit-flavoured pokey, PepsiCo would dooubtless do the same.


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