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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

September 04, 2003

where's my car

Babette had my car for 2 days (long story) and now I've got it back I've lost my comfortable driving position. This is a problem. When I got the Passat in May it took me about a month, and a couple of thousand miles, to get the seat distance/height and steering wheel position just about right. The more options I have, the more confused I get.

Now I've lost it again. Someone should invent a car that measures you for height and weight, arm length etc., and just adjusts itself correctly. This would probably have a huge impact in terms of driving safety, not to mention the perennial back problems that afflict so many people.

This morning I was all over the place, back and forwards, up and down, trying combinations I've almost certainly never tried before. And this is before I get started on the so-called lumbar support that gives me backache.


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