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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

October 20, 2003

Please die now

Strange to see a Microsoft representative using "choice" and "Windows" in the same sentence. Objecting to the Apple music store on the grounds that you can't play Windows Media files on an iPod. That's what he's saying: they want everyone to use Windows Media because then they can make more money; plus it's a closed format and they can prevent people from burning CDs of music they've paid for.

Whereas the Apple model allows you to burn as many CDs as you want, plus it's in an open format (AAC) which sounds better than any other compressed format out there. And of course Apple build better interfaces.

To use the words of Kevin Keegan, I would just love it if the Apple music store kills the Windows Media format, which deserves to take its place in the annals of The Dead Media Project. Thanks to Rob (Alien Wireless) for the link to that.

He's also incorrect (or lying?) when he claims that you can't use music you've purchased from the iTunes music store with 3rd party players. Of course you can. You can convert from AAC to AIFF or MP3; you can burn it onto CD, transfer to minidisc, and you can of course transfer tracks over to another MP3 player. Disinformation is everywhere.


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