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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 22, 2005

Who's Next

Okay, it's official. I'm extremo excited about you know what that starts (again) in it's more-or-less-rightful-place on Saturday night. Clips I've seen, production values look high, it looks glossy and new, and from what I've read, they've certainly got the right idea about storylines (though the potential lack of cliffhangers, with only 13 45 minue episodes, worries me).

And whereas some might suspend disbelief, I'm prepared to suspend my hatred for the lead ac-tors, on the basis that they might be quite good and then I'd look like an idiot.

Only fly in the oinitment, it's my wife's birthday. How am I going to tell her that her birthday treat is to stay in and watch ?

On this subject, a lot of you have written to ask, who is my favourite Doctor? As for so many, Tom Baker stands out not just because of his mad air and eccentricity, but for sheer longevity. He was the right man in the role for a long time. But there were bad elements, like the pointless Romana, and the silly robot dog K9, who solved all problems, too often, and too easily. So for me, it's worth looking back to Jon Pertwee. The episodes were hamstrung by being earthbound, but he had the right level of not-suffering-fools (like Hartnell) and serious cleverness. And I liked his assistants best, Sarah-Jane and Jo before her.

So probably him, but not forgetting Patrick Troughton, who was the Doctor in the episodes that scared me the most, the original Cybermen and the Yetis in the London Underground. And, er, Peter Davidson had some fairly foccy assistants, too, with nice cleavage on display.


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