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April 04, 2006

NT Hell acquires Virgin Mobiles

Dammit! I knew something was in the offing, when I got a text from Virgin yesterday telling me that texts to other Virgin phones were free until September. One of those offers they think you won't be able to refuse. Little do they know that (a) I don't have any friends; (b) never* text anyone; and (c) never receive texts. MediaGuardian.co.uk reports on the �962m Virgin Mobile deal:
NTL has concluded a �962.4m deal to acquire Richard Branson's Virgin Mobile, creating a 'quadruple-play' communications company offering broadband, fixed-line and mobile phone and television services under the Virgin brand.The US-listed cable TV company has agreed to license the well-known Virgin brand for 30 years as part of the deal and Virgin Mobile's management will stay on and run the business.NTL said the new company will have around 9.5 million customers and will be rebranded as Virgin over the next 12 months, although the immediate priority was integrating Telewest, the cable firm with which it merged earlier this year after announcing a �3.4bn deal in October."

So now I've got to go through the inconvenience of changing my mobile. They think you won't do it, especially if it means that you change your number, but my secret weapon is that I probably receive one incoming call a month, if that.

*Well, not quite never, but hardly ever, and I've got some friends, but we don't indulge in txt.


  • So that's where my £300 has gone!

    I was just laughing this morning, that in spite of their letter saying that they had posted the cheque, I still haven't received it yet.

    They are such jesters! you can't help but snigger.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 4:45 am  

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