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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 10, 2006

Le Corbusier's chapel

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Ronchamp is very near where my wife's family lives. Notre Dame du Haut was built to replace the previous chapel, which was destroyed by bombing or shelling.

2005 was the 50th anniversary. My wife's mum remembered that there was a lot of controversy when Le Corbusier built it, and a lot of locals didn't like it. But there are modernist monstrosities, and there are beautiful buildings, and this is the latter.

I was dead chuffed when Dan Cruikshank concluded his first programme with it. It really is worth a visit. It's in a less well known part of France, but you should see that as a bonus. You get a really peaceful feeling when you stand inside it, and the views outside are breathtaking.


  • I do like churches, I love the feel of being around them and while I'm really not at all religious I can't help but feel the power of some bigger force once inside (it's prbably down to the sheer size of open space, dead air and silence. I do feel that it's a shame that by and large the only people to enjoy these spaces are seem to be tied in to some flavour of cult or another. My absolute favourites though are the chapels that you might find on the top of a hill in the Greek Islands, the relief from the heat, the calming smell of the candles and incense the strange 'godart' on every wall, the fact that nobody is around, the peace and tranquility. And also the feeling that you shouldn't be there, not being a fully paid up member of the club and all.

    I must admit though Le Corbusier is a beautiful building. Hopefully HolyhosesRob can buy it one day and I'll be able to watch Kevin Mcleod go round when the mezzanine floor gets put in!

    By Anonymous James, at 2:19 am  

  • Another good program.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 2:43 am  

  • Le Corbusier was a genius pure and simple, and we had to wait so long for anothet to come along in Danile Liebiskind...

    This is a real beautiful building with all of the sensuality that Le Corbusier could muster!

    By Blogger Numptie, at 3:10 am  

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