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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 25, 2005

Please pay attention at the back

Here's a minor annoyance, something that always bugs me. You often read sentences like this in software tutotials. This one comes from the latest edition of Digizine, which is about all things Pro Tools.
Next, return the gain and threshold controls to their default settings by Alt-clicking (Win) or Option-clicking (Mac) on them, and try increasing the compression ratio.

I've got a fairly old Mac keyboard in front of me now, and it says "alt" not "option" - and has done on ever Mac I've owned for the past 5 years.

I'd go as far as to say that any Mac capable of running Pro Tools is using a modern, USB keyboard with an "alt" key. My 3 designers have more recent G5 machines and all say "alt" on them. I think every Mac I've owned since 1998 has probably said "alt".

In other words, I think it's misleading and confusing to even mention the ancient notion of Option-clicking! I wish these people would wake up.


  • It has come to my attention that in the USA Apple keyboards still say Option.

    If my post therefore annoys any Americans - consider it payback for all the times sentences like the above have annoyed me, not to mention all the other ways in which Apple conveniently ignores the 50% of their customers outside the USA.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 7:53 am  

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