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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

June 13, 2005

What's wrong with Formula 1?

Formula 1. Always loved it, grew up with it, and like a lorra people became disenchanted with it in recent years, as it became a procession of advertising hoardings, a corporate money trough, and an excuse for vain celebrities to get on ITV.

I haven't watched any of the races this year, which ironically is being touted as one of the best seasons for a while, but I haven't missed it. Yesterday I caught the start and then went to do something else. Had the radio on though, so I heard the instruction given out to Nick Heidfeld: a couple of laps, and you'll have to pull out of his slipstream and cool the engine.

The commentator/pundit said, yes, that's because the cars aren't designed to follow other cars so closely, so he's not getting enough clean air into the cooling ducts.


A couple of laps later, Heidfeld blew up and that was that for him. They were saying this morning it had been a cracking race, but the bits I saw (apart from the first corner), I didn't see any actual overtaking, just a series of mistakes and breakdowns.

Well, I can see that on the M1 any day of the week thanks. With more overtaking.

"The cars aren't designed to follow other cars."

Is that right? What the fuck do you think they're going to be doing then, you morons?


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