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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

June 06, 2005

Technical Support is back on line

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I'm back from holiday, case you hadn't noticed. So I'm ready, willing, and able to give technical support on all aspects of your life.

Interesting, being in France the week they rejected the Euro constitution in their referendum. Or, as the French put it, le référendum. Because it appeared you learned more from Radio 4 (on longwave) about French politics than you did from French media, which is still full of Claire Gazal, and Johnny "Sir Cliff" Halliday.

In fact, on référendum day itself, I saw no evidence of anyone voting or wanting to vote, or talking about voting. It was a seaside town, and it was market day, but still. We did walk past the town hall on the way to the market. News of the result and the appointment of a new toff prime minister barely warranted a gallic shrug.

Incidentally, last summer I read in some trashy magazine that Claire Chazal had Alzheimer's, though she continues to read the news on TF1. Last week, she was all over the magazines because she's getting married. I suspect she was already married, but forgot.

Yes! Not only is Technical Support back on line, but Cheap Gags are available Free Of Charge.


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