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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

October 20, 2005

Apple Aperture - Photoshop Killer?

Apple's new application for pro photographers, Aperture, is iPhoto on steroids rather than a straight-ahead Photoshop killer.

But whereas Photoshop is now very much aimed at designers, I think Aperture pisses all over it as far as professional photography is concerned.* If you're stuck in the 80s or 90s and still want to do cheesy Photoshop collages or apply loads of filters (what the quick tour video calls "extreme stylistic effects"), the 'Shop will still be your bag.

But for uploading, organising, adjusting, correcting, optimising, archiving, printing and even publishing a set of images, Aperture has all the tools. As with iPhoto, you can easily produce a book or web page of images; but you can also customise the layout far more than you can in iPhoto.

The non-destructive editing is a killer feature - saving versions of your file not as huge bloated copies, but simply as sets of instructions, all of which are applied to the untouched original dynamically.

But where do they get these bozos who narrate these quick tour videos? Not just Apple, but every single company manages to find a complete drone, who could bore - not just for America - but for the Earth against the Rest of the Galaxy.

This particular bozo in obviously an Americanised Aussie, but he has an inability to pronounce "project" correctly, and cannot say "DVD" without sounding like he's had a stroke. And, scriptwriters, please: the word "leverage" is complete bollocks. Please stop using it.

*You will need the most powerful Mac on earth. Apple's "recommended" system is a Dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 or faster with at least 2GB of RAM. More of your questions are answered here, in a later post. The official "minimum requirements" are listed here.


  • Interesting. Do you already have access to this? I'm thinking it could be of interest, but only if it was still able to run on a laptop as well as a megamip monster. Having to get a dual G5 seems excessive when Photoshop works well on my Powerbook.

    I suspect Apple will need to do something about this. I do run FCP on the Powerbook with external Fwire disks, so I know theres some reasoanble welly in it.


    By Blogger rashbre, at 9:00 am  

  • We'll doubtless get our hands on an NFR soon.

    Apple are quite clever at turning off features on "unsupported graphics cards" - so that OS X runs quite well on an old G3 iMac, for example - so it will be interesting to see.

    But our design team runs pretty decent G5 machines with a top-end graphics card in, and InDesign still takes forever to draw pages on screen. And I'm less than impressed with iPhoto performance on my G5 iMac.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 9:10 am  

  • Thx for the stories and comments on OS X, guys. I run Win 2000 here and it's a dream compared to Win 98 which I ran for years. I do use OS X regularly at my brother's place and I like it. Macs are fascinating and who knows, maybe one day I will even get one. My brother laughs and makes fun of me when I tell him about Windows problems. Those HW requirements seem pretty horrible though, eh?

    Enjoyed the piece on installing Linux, Win 2003 Server and OSX. Esp your difficulties with installing Linux. I thought Linux was getting easier to use? I actually downloaded a live CD to my drive but I have been to scared to do anything with it.

    This is the first decent article I have seen on this Aperture application. Apple always comes up with so many good ideas.

    Isn't it rather frightening that In Design and even iPhoto run slow on a friggin G5, for Chrissake? Whatever is wrong with OSX? Is it bloatware? Speaking of bloatware, though I support it, the recent iteration of Open Office seems to be running into some serious potential performance issues compared to MS Office. Related to opening huge spreadsheets and also to even just open the apps. I think there is a lot more work to be done there.

    The performance of Thunderbird and Firefox (I use both) continue to improve by leaps and bounds with each new iteration. Have u used these apps?

    By Blogger Robert Lindsay, at 2:00 am  

  • Thanks for the comments.

    Is OS X bloatware? Yes and no. My main beef with it is that you don't get as much control as you did with OS 9, under which you could switch off all kinds of features that used processor cycles to little effect (like menu blinking). You get only a little of that control in OS X. I'd switch off a lot of the eye candy if it was up to me. I just don't think I "need" drop shadows on open windows. I switch off the genie effect and don't allow the dock to zoom its icons.

    I think the performance issue with InDesign is down to a couple of things. While it offers you the option of a low-quality preview of any graphics placed in a document, I think the tendency is to use high-quality previews, because it gives you a better idea of the overall look and feel of a page layout.

    Our designers work with - I think - 24 page sections, stuffed full of images and graphics. With good quality previews, it slows the screen draw down a bit, mostly due to the second thing, which is that Mac users have had to make do with non-professional graphic cards.

    The new dual core G5 series offers the option - for the first time - of a proper pro workstation graphics card, so performance should improve.

    With iPhoto, same thing. They improved the quality of the thumbnail previews, but if you have thousands of photos in a Library, it's asking a lot. To be fair to Apple, they do tend to improve performance with .1 updates (on the other hand, it took them 6 months to fix a glaring bug in iDVD 3). With iPhoto, I've started keeping 3 different libraries to keep the numbers under control - you hold down alt on starting the app, and choose which one you want to go into.

    As for Linux, Simon is better qualified than I to comment, but the impression I get is that nothing is ever straightforward. Download a driver for a card so you can connect to download another driver for something else etc. It's true also that the only real security issue we've ever had has concerned a Linux box - because there are some scarily competent people out there who know more about Linux than us.

    Haven't tried Thunderbird because we're mostly on Exchange, but we use Firefox on our Windows boxes as the default browser. I've tried it on the Mac, but after downloading an update it stopped working for me!

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 2:25 am  

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