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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

November 30, 2005

Dingoes At My Boyfriend - quick update

Due to my hitherto unknown time travelling abilities, I am able to bring you tomorrow's news of the trial. You think I'm about to go all Pootergeek on you, but seriously: this story from theage.com.au is dated December 1 2005, which is tomorrow in old money.

Anyway, Murdoch has finished giving evidence, hotly denying the accusation that he used Ms Lees' denim to wrap the head of Peter Falconio, so that he didn't get blood in his van. Latest estimate on remaining time is 2 weeks. I guess the defence will rest on the following "reasonable doubts":

1. No body has been found
2. Only 1 witness, who may or may not be quite attractive, with nice ankles and big b00bs, and had been seeing Someone Else (i.e. not an actual nun).

Incidentally, lest you think I am alone in noticing the prurient interest in Ms Lees (it's been 3 or 4 years since she was generally tried and found guilty), check out this comment piece from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Women have long since stormed the typewriters and two large Australian newspapers have appointed female editors. The Herald has not but, frequently, those with their hands on the tiller are well endowed with the X chromosome. Yet it continues to observe the world through the wrinkled eye of the old (male) perve.

When the media's eye is caught, hang on for the ride; it can be wild and thrilling for watcher and watched. Just ask Michelle Leslie. Or, if she wants too much money for her answer, ask Schapelle Corby. Or Joanne Lees.

Honorary page three chicks, the lot. Caught in the camera's eye, and embraced, stripped bare, prodded, poked and then discarded. As women, they are not just part of the news - their beauty, their eyes, their breasts, their clothes - pass for news itself, chopped and packaged as consumable items. Tasty morsels, one might say.

It's a fact that if you want the latest news on the trial, your search is more successful if you put "Joanne Lees trial" into the Google seearch than if you put "Bradley Murdoch Trial."

I rest, as they say, my case.


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