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December 06, 2005

Intel Macs 'due 6 June' | The Register

The Register today publishes a story about how Intel Macs will be released next June, as originally promised by Apple when they announced the switch to Intel in the summer.

I had a side bet with a colleague then that they would jump early. I think I rashly predicted even earlier than Jan 2006, but I've always been pretty certain that they'd announce at the SF Expo in January.

Announce is not the same as ship, of course, and although Apple generally try to ship within 30 days of announcements, they tend to focus on the half of their market that is North America before they consider the rest of us in Europe-Middle East-Africa-Asia etc.

Still, that teenager over at Think Secret seems pretty sure that Apple will announce in January a slightly larger, cheaper, Intel-based Mac Mini with a huge hard drive, and the ability to out-do Tivo in the video recording stakes. And an iPod dock. In other words, a computer that you stick under your telly with the other boxes and use to time-shift tv, watch TV, view photos and DVDs, and access the internet.

The whole Think Secret rumour has been repeated to me, verbatim, by someone who usually knows about these things... but is sometimes wrong. I'll say no more.

In related news, Canon have announced a printer that will print "red button" pages from digital TV.

The world is going all digital-hub on us.

Dunno. For a Mac Mini to interest me as a video recorder, it's gotta have a SCART socket on it, preferably two. Or a firewire-scart adapter or something. And two tuners, 'course, so I can watch one channel and record another. Or record two channels and watch something I recorded earlier - both things that are easy to do with current technology.


  • This is all very bad news for me.

    I find myself disenfranchised with increasing depth from all the bustle of your earth technological society.

    We've only just bought a DVD player and a new-fangled modem into our home.

    All I hear is firetooth-this and wireless-television-that.

    I just can't keep up with all the useful product information anymore.

    What's it all for?

    Of course, we're thinking of getting rid of the television completely now because it is rubbish and invasive.

    Won't have computers in the house because they are intrusive, vulgar, dangerous and, er..., rubbish.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 5:22 am  

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