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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

December 20, 2005

Lauren McLaughlin on Science Fiction Vs. Fantasy

Following on from my post of yesterday, about how some writing defies genre, and how I reckon people like Sci Fiction but just don't know that they do, here's

Lauren McLaughlin in similar vein, talking about a debate going on over here.

Hmmm.. enough links for one post I think.

Lauren suggests some entry-level SF for people-who-say-they-don't-like-it, which is an interesting thing to ponder. A bit like trying to recommend country music for people-who-say-they-don't-like-it (try Beatles For Sale or Help!).

As I said, TV shows like House and Numb3rs are proper SF. I don't like things like Gibson and Simmons, myself, but I know that trying to get Roy interested in Larry Niven didn't work. I'd probably stick to Kate Wilhelm, myself, as she's such a genre-crosser anyway, and her books always have a strong humanist streak.


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