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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 09, 2006

Adobe Lightroom - Aperture Killer?

With the question of whether Apple's Aperture in a Photoshop killer still in some people's minds, Adobe take the unprecedented step of releasing a public beta of their Aperture killer, Lightroom!

Like Aperture, Lightroom is a photographer's workflow tool, giving you library management, RAW editing (developing), slideshows and printing options. It's not yet complete, so it's not clear whether you'll be able to produce books and portfolios as easily as you can with Aperture.

The key thing with Lightroom is that it probably WILL run on your Mac. It runs on my dual 867MHz G4, for which Aperture wouldn't get out of bed, which means it will run on my 1.8GHz iMac G5, for which Aperture... wouldn't get out of bed.

To learn more, download the beta, and/or view the overview video on the Adobe labs site, which makes it all make sense.


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