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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 02, 2006


Things to make and do was something of a theme with the presents my kids got from father christmas this year.

Super Badge It! is rubbish, I think. The process of making badges is fiddly, and it involves turning the knob on the top back and forth - and always past the point where common sense tells you to stop because it's going to break or something. And the knob is too large for my oldest daughter's hand to easily turn it.

But the worst bit is the sheet of badge designs, which are all on a single sheet, with perforated edges. But pulling out the circular designs - even with the perforations - is too hard, and it's too easy to rip the design.

All in all, I think 50% of the badges fail for some reason - not turning the knob hard enough, not centering the design or the clear cellophane cover, or just random bad luck.

Guaranteed to frustrate and disappoint.


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