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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

February 15, 2006

Just talk among yourselves...

Trying to upload something to Castpost. Slow isn't the word. I thought I'd died at one point, what with time standing still.

Doesn't augur well for download experiences, but we must persevere.

Meanwhile, what about that smoking ban? In order to give up smoking, I had to give up - more or less - going to the pub. That was 10 years ago. Come next year, I might be able to walk into a pub again and not crave a cigarette. On the other hand, will pubs then be full of orally-fixated individuals who no longer have anything to do with their hands? I smell a pub snack boom coming on. Quick, buy some shares in Walkers...

Keep talking among yourselves... I just realised I uploaded the wrong flaming file. Oh, the humanity!


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