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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

March 20, 2006

we've won a bronze in the egg and spoon

1. isn't this commonwealth games thing a little bit unnecessary? not the games, maybe, but the rabid coverage? i mean, who gives a flying fuck these days?

2. i saw this really old bloke on the telly the other night. he looked like a cleaned-up tramp. turned out it was steve ovett. i had to look three times.

3. when i was surfing the other night i came across a qualifying round for the 12,000 barleycorns. watching people run as fast as they can for ten seconds is beyond sport, quite surreal and idiotic. i like the bit afterwards when a camera has followed a face from the start right to the end, and you get the slomo sloshing about of features. they're usually really blowing, but this one guy could have been walking in the park.

4, as people get taller, the race will have to be made longer. all the races will have to be made longer, in fact. eventually, the 12,000 barleycorns will be "run" in one step. it will be all about lightning reactions. this is one of my pet theories, so i may have mentioned it before.


  • I've missed the entire thing with having no TV.

    Incidentally my mother-in-law is the referee for the commonwealth Squash final.

    Lastly I was thinking earlier on how entertaining it would be if they hybridized certain sports. For instance, as I said earlier to James, a hybrid of kick-boxing and tennis might be fun.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 9:01 am  

  • It's the swimming, as always, that drives you potty.

    Interesting, too, how American-like the Australian coverage now is with their complete lack of interest in any other competing nation, to the extent of showing interviews with Silver and Bronze winners, but ignoring the Gold medalist, who was non-Australian.

    By Blogger bot37363838, at 9:09 am  

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