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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 30, 2006

The Great Debate

So the big Reunion episode of Doctor Who has passed. I mostly enjoyed it. Found a little tear creeping into my eye, because there was quite a powerful emotional pull to it, and Elizabeth Sladen was great.

But as the credits rolled, and I casually remarked to my wife - for only the 16th or 17th time - how fucking great Ms Sladen was looking, considering ("She's 58, you know"), and it didn't look as if she'd had plastic surgery, didn't have that weird stretched look those people get (qv. Faye Dunaway in last week's CSI). But my wife disagreed, saying that plastic surgery is cheap, anyone could have it, and if it was done properly, you wouldn't necessarily look like a freak.

So now I don't know. Plastic surgery, or not? Entirely trivial, but I Would Like To Know.


In other news, it's happened. I've ordered my first CD (from CD Baby, natch) based on discovering someone on MySpace. Sarah Beth Keeley is a Canadian Singer/songwriter with a Country flavour, and her stuff (check out the samples) sounds great. Clearly a cut above most of the chancers (people like me) on there.

It's good to support independent musicians like this, and because of all the good karma points I've accrued by ordering the album through CD Baby, I am officially allowed to strangle a kitten this evening.


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