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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

April 04, 2006

"Her hair was not like silk, her skin was not like milk"

Being a resolutely out-of-touch kind of guy, I didn't have too much awareness of Phil Lee until Joy Lynn White released his song, "Just Some Girl" on her recent release One More Time.
She was just some girl, she was plain and stout
She was nobody's dreamboat, nothing to write home about
Her hair was not like silk, her skin was not like milk
To the civilized world, she was just some girl

It's interesting to hear the contrast between White's version and Lee's own, which you can download (yay) from Lee's site (follow the link above, which takes you to the music page). Lee sounds a bit like The Dylan, or one of those guys, and his version is solid, workmanlike, kind of home-made sounding. White, on the other hand, uses more or less the same arrangement but brings to the song her vocal gifts (not to mention the backing vox), and production values that are several degrees up the scale.

I like both, and what I like especially about Phil Lee is that he's got some miles on the clock:

Lee released his debut The Mighty King Of Love in 2000 when he was 49. That's about when other rockers start to lose their grip and think about retirement. In the title cut on the new release he sings "You should have known me when I had all my teeth," but Lee consistently proves that while the old dog may be getting gray, he's still got plenty of bite.

There are quite a few samples on Lee's site, so you can get a good flavour of his slightly shambolic country rock, which is quite good if you like that kind of thing.


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