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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

May 23, 2006


Those of us who can't pay or won't pay for Sky are only just getting to see HBO's Deadwood on Sky 3 (Freeview channel 10).

It's a slow burner, but by the fifth episode, you are hooked. David Milch's research has obviously been painstaking, and the attention to detail in the language is superb.

I've always loved the stylised street argot of NYPD Blue. I never felt, due to the compromise of it being on a major network, that the absence of real swear words was a handicap. In fact, the creative use of made-up slang on NYPD Blue was one of the best things about it: hump, whipping your skippy, etc.

But being on HBO means Deadwood can use whatever language they want. Your mum and dad might complain that it's too much. My dad even argues that "they didn't talk like that in those days," but of course they did. The peculiar mixture of Victorian gentility and Anglo-Saxon gutterspeak is realised brilliantly.

And Lovejoy is great in it.

One of the things I like best about it, a lot of the characters look like members of The Band.


  • Deadwood is fantastic! And I also love the fact that they look like Robbie, Garth, Rick, Levon and Richard. (I had this as wallpaper for a long time: http://theband.hiof.no/band_pictures/time_1.gif)

    Wild Bill Hickok first became a constable here in Kansas City.

    Season 2 is out on DVD today here in the US of A, which means I can rent the whole series. Fantastic.

    By Blogger Roldy, at 3:59 pm  

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