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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

January 27, 2006


I've managed to fuck up and block two on-line accounts this week, due to incorrectly entered details.

I'm pretty good usually, I have a selection of usernames and passwords that I mix and match, so that - even if I forget a particular one - I can usually enter the right combination in a few tries.

Sometimes, however, it seems as if the site you're on conspires against you. Since Yahoo took over Flickr, I always have to enter my ID twice - the exact same way - before it's recognised.

On the Virgin Mobile web site the other day, I completely fucked up, and couldn't get the password correct - to the point that they blocked the account and said I had to phone them up. But I'd rather take my phone into the garden, get a hammer from a shed, and smash it up into tiny little pieces than phone a call centre, so they can fuck off. They're dead to me now.

More seriously, I can never seem to remember my log-on credentials for my new credit card account. It can only consist of so many combinations, but no matter what order I enter them in, I can never get it right first time. Last week, I tried two or three times before getting it right. And here's the thing: this has happened before, so that I know eventually I'm going to get the right combo. Except, just now, I tried and tried and tried (just a week on from the last experience), and I can't be doing anything particularly different, but I've ended up locked out, and have to phone them up now.

Maybe it's just an on-line log-on too far. The human brain isn't designed to remember 70 million different usernames and passwords. It just ain't right. But fuck 'em, I'll just wait for the bill in the post, the old-fashioned way, and they can take their on-line blah-de-blah and stick it up their arses.

It'll never catch on.


  • This is why we need ID cards and card readers on all computers.

    People are wrong when they think that ID cards will be used to hold all sort of personal details about us.

    By Blogger SimonHolyHoses, at 3:27 am  

  • i have a similar problem with yahoo, having to enter the same correct details twice. but only when using safari.

    but you're right. i've got enough to worry about without trying to juggle hundreds of different i.d.s and passwords.


    By Blogger roy, at 6:26 am  

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