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Hoses of the Holy in the Parallel Universe

September 12, 2003

busy day

Couldn't do a lot of this kind of thing today. Lots of meetings, things to do, plus, spent a long lunch doing some editing/mixing in Logic with Si. For the 3rd time this week.

Started with him wanting to capture some acoustic guitar he'd recorded on his old tascam portastudio so he could burn it to CD. But then I tempted him with the EVB3 and he came back the next day with his Jagmaster. So then he overdubbed some country style B-bends, and then we put some Hammond into the middle 8.

So then it was a question of editing and tweaking until we were happy with the overall thing.

All in all, a fairly nice way to spend lunchtimes, though I did bicker with James about his sloppy mouse skills.


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